This site is a collective of works I've made: art, stories, scripts, or compiled resources like playlists that help build a story! The purpose of this site is to serve as a hub to direct curious eyes to a particular project.

As of yet, these projects are made freely available and are a labor of love. If you like what I do, feel free to tip over at ko-fi, visit my patreon, or leave a nice comment. Thank you for visiting!


Alice In Blunderland

Plush, prim & proper Dyne Langley sits neatly under a tree on a beautiful day. That is, until an infuriatingly mysterious white rabbit goads her into the forest and down, down, down, into a world full of whimsical contraries and annoyingly beautiful people. Is Dyne in her own personal heaven? Or a weirdly specific hell?

Follow Dyne as she brute forces through tiny doors, berates smoking caterpillars, and bumbles through Blunderland!

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The Human Element

'Round here the TKO Tournament is a scrapper's one-way ticket to fame and fortune. From all across the Underground, mechanics and tinkerers alike pit their Cores versus each another with one goal in mind: Escape the Underground. This year is Leigh's chance. With her finest Core MIIMO, Leigh and her childhood friend Taw will compete in this violent mecha brawl to be the best and live a better life.

However, they'll come to find that conquering the Underground is only half of the battle, and with Leigh's new technology gaining traction in the Upper society, they're in more danger up here than they have ever been down below.

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A new year begins on the campus of Almagest, a collegiate in the heavens, where the offspring of constellations study and compete to prove themselves worthy of a permanent status as a star. All is well, until a rogue child streaks through the cosmos and crash-lands on school grounds. Coronas, a mysterious boy with black hair and no past, joins the student body as the supposed successor of the principal: Milky Way. While Coronas struggles with his identity, his intense ability to manipulate gravity sends waves through the competetive Gravity Ball scene, making him a target.

Join Coronas as he navigates his place in the universe, learns to control his strange power, and finds himself through his friends.

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A dog knight, a cat thief, and a frog witch walk into a bar... and everyone draws their swords.

Knight-in-training Aubrey, a golden retriever, is cast from her castle home on a quest from Queen Dormhil where she meets Hal Mooney, a black cat master thief in with the wrong crowd, and Emmeryn the Terrible, an infamous treefrog witch known for her inability to use magic.

Join our crew as they traverse banshee-infested bubbling swamps, slay serpents on the open sea, and learn in gold gilded cities that: The world as we know it is more grim than we thought.

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Buck Wild

Trapped in juvenile rehab in the middle of New Haven National Park, high-school delinquent Buck must escape his personal hellhole via any means possible; but when mutated forest creatures begin to threaten his very existence, Buck must team up with the park ranger, Naya, and learn that in this forest not everything is as it seems, before the threat of the Blood Moon wipes him of the face of Earth.

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Quantum Century

It's been twenty years since war was waged on Dormhil's Keep. Queen Aubrey Stormhand has led a peaceful and prosperous rule over Crissylia, but a new threat is looming. The Slipstream, the force that commands the essence of life, is slowly consuming the planet. Using the Slipstream's own portals connected to alternate realities, the kingdom has acquired the technology to send fleets into the outer cosm of space in search of a solution. However, as political friction splits the kingdom, Queen Aubrey and her crew on the Coriolis must not only save their own planet but come to find that their worst enemy in the vast region of space is themselves.

Join Aubrey Stormhand, Dyne Langley, and Echo Richter on their quest to defeat nature itself.

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Mar 04, 2022
Story Summaries!

On top of adding genre tags, I've written out short summaries of each story. I also went font-shopping recently and I'm working on having title graphics for Buck Wild & The Human Element! Eventually after that, I'd like to link each card to it's respective pitch site, with placeholder sites for the ones I haven't made yet (that possibly say something like: This story isn't made yet! If you'd like to see it made, support the creator via: XYZ. Hopefully that isn't too obtrusive, but it's true!)

Feb 25, 2022
Adding Nav

Adding a navigator so visitors can actually view the pitches! I want one place where all of them are visible and comprehensively, well, visit-able.

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