??/20 . he/him . cat

A big dummy! Chet is the face of the no-thoughts-head-empty movement sweeping the nation. He's upbeat, energetic, friendly, and has zero boundaries. As a bonus, he also doesn't pick up on socal queues! This character is fun to gender bend, as a treat. Abilities include: Hyper regeneration, and one secret power, due to his lineage!

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?? . she/her . cat

Hate is a super-serious, no-nonsense grumpy cat. She is the smoll, angy "big" sister to Chet, and overprotective to boot. She has a dark, mysterious past that is better left unsaid. But she could definitely benefit from therapy. Her goals include: Eradicating royal-blooded creatures, protecting Chet, and maybe making him some friends... to keep him occupied...

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29 . she/her . dog

Medieval dog turned space dog! This inter-dimensional pup is strong, upbeat, and fun! She loves her friends and home & would do anything to protect them. She loves staying fit and playing competetive games. She relies on her crewmates for brain-power from time-to-time, but she tries her best!! She doesn't do well being by herself and has a hard time being subtle or stealthy. Goals include: Finding a way to save her family, being able to lift everyone on the ship.

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24 . she/her . cat

Alexi is a tough, go-getting fighter who loves a challenge. She wants to perfect her body and fighting style to impress her master, who taught her many forms of deadly martial arts. She is nimble and tough, but has a soft spot for small things and sweets! She never grew up with a female role-model, and so yearns for a softer side to life. Dreams include: Pleasing her master, and one day having a family of her own.

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※ D ※ 25 . she/her . multi-specie

D is a college student just trying to get by! She's easygoing & loves to make friends, but has a hard time when it comes to studying. Not the best cook in the world, but will be damned if she can't make The Perfect Sandwich and a Perfect Toast. Hobbies include: Dancing, wandering around at night, and being kind-of a stinky gremlin. A good buddy, not a great study pal.

  • Always down to clown.
  • Queso?
  • Draws a comic called Toast.
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※ JOHNSTER ※ rawr . he/him it/its . monster

Johnster is an easygoing, laid back monster. Don't get me wrong, he will play pranks and make a mess, but it's usually at the behest of his monster mates.

Johnster is the monster-version of the laid-back goat bass player Johnny Mair. Why does this creature have a monster forme? Do the words AU mean anything to you? Relax and don't think too hard about this furry mess!

  • Loves his monster mate, Rawthena.
  • Is usually lazy and chilling in some boxers.
  • Can party like the rest of them, if provoked!
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