This is a big ole test don't mind me
???: Ugh...

Hey, Taffy.

Have you been assigned a tourist for today?
Taffy: What do you think? Do I look like I'm doing anything, Menemi?

Well, not really.

14 I just figured you would've been assigned someone, considering how busy everyone else is. You've been hanging out here all day...

Yes? Aaaaand?

I've done pleeeeenty of work. And now I'm quite enjoying my vacation~!

So, you can just leave me alone.

And go back to your job. Or whatever.

Ah... sorry.

You just look... bored? And maybe a bit upset?
Preview: You don't have to lie to make things easier on Taffy, even after what I've told you about Queen Nuigerita, you know.
Nada: I'm being for real, though... I don't really have much to do here.
Preview: No.
Taffy: But like, are there any ways I can h—
Preview: No.
Taffy: I didn't even finish asking!!
Taffy: You are just no fun...
Taffy: Whatevs, I'm out.
Yenna: Hey hey, Nada and Taffy, before you go~
Taffy: Ugh... You two are so weird. Fine.
Nada: She has her own castle?
Taffy and I left the Nexus and started heading up the mountain.
It's hard to keep track of time here, but it's definitely been awhile...
Taffy: Ughhhhh. My feet hurt already. I hate this.
Nada: Hm...
Nada: Oh, cool!! What's she look like?