8/1/20: Happy August! "NEXT" button on main page now switches Aubrey's phrases. Changed position of Enter elements. Adjusted Update bar.

7/26/20: JS mucking.

7/25/20: Aubrey Phrases [broke]

7/21/20: Made my own scrolling update bar as well as animated update gif. Trying to truly make every image on the site something I made.

7/18/20: AAAHAHAHA yes. Splash screen now has a little window in it. Not an update window, but a fun window. As long as it's fun, I'm satisfied. Cricut machine arrived today, onto making MTG tokens.

7/17/20: Made a splash screen. It took me all day. It was from scratch start-to-finish so I feel pretty good about it. I hope to add a little update window to it later on, but until then it'll have to do.

7/14/20: Made a Patreon. Will include stuff like what I do on *this* site, as well as projects on other fronts [3D/2D art, SecondLife, Commissions, Streams, etc.] Check it out here: ohmi's Patreon

7/6/20: Formatted the site a little more. Have things where I "want" them to be. More to come. To do: 3d renders & sketch comms.

7/5/20: Made a Trello account, as well as a new TOS. Still very empty. Check it out here: ohmi's Trello

7/2/20: This website is still in development.

As of yet, this website is storage for nifty css/html that I'll utilize later.

Most images on this site were made by myself.
To see my art, please visit ohmiyoni.com