Band Interview

Reporter: Morphic! Your music has been hitting home in the local post-hardcore scene. For new listeners, how would you describe your music?
X: Fantasy
DJ: Sex
Johnny: Escapism
Athena: Propaganda
[Everyone blushes and looks away]

Reporter: [Gestures at J-Man in his suit] So, what's J-Man's appearance?
Everyone: We don't know what you're talking about.
Reporter: o-o;

Character Idea

I should definitely make a character that unironically listens to 100 Gecs.

Naming of the base.

The time has come to name our fleet. We leave the honor to our queen captain, Aubrey.
Ohh hmm!... The Paw Bean.
I'm so sorry my queen...
Your right has been revoked. -_-
/w\ uuu



What's the matter?
I-err-nothing. I wasn't anticipating you to ask. I'm simply stewing on memories.
Stew is delicious 0: <